I’m so glad you stopped by.  Visiting would be much more fun over a cup of coffee, but since that isn’t possible, I hope you can get to know me through my stories and that something you read will bless you today. I bring to the table more than 30 years’ worth of discovering how joyful life is when we become who God created us to be.  He has changed my life for the better and along the way, my heart and home have been filled with treasures I never thought possible.

This is not your typical religious blog site. I will deal with real life issues such as divorce, rejection, problematic relationships to name a few, and how being a Christ-follower enables us to overcome any situation. I am honest and sometimes even a bit exposed as I share my life with you. But, you will also read about my love for food and cooking as I occasionally share favorite recipes.  And finally, I will be sharing our journey of preparing for retirement and living full-time in a 5th wheel home.  What fun awaits!

As we visit together, I pray you find something here that will inspire you to develop an intimate and fulfilling relationship with God, who loves you for you!  I also pray you will allow Him to bring out your God-given talents and personality because someone in the world needs you to inspire them. There are people waiting for you to touch their hearts and help them discover a better life.

Within these writings, you will discover how God can rescue you from a painful past and give you a new and exciting life. You will find biblical truths you can personally apply to help you become a better you. There will also be ideas on using your own gifts in daily life as I share how I use my passion for cooking and blessing others around the dinner table. You will read about my experiences overseas in Ukraine and Russia as a missionary and hopefully, you will be drawn to learn more about how you can impact people around the world. God has just gads of rooms filled with treasures and adventures waiting for us as we allow Him to participate, not just on Sundays, but in our everyday lives.

Please feel free to comment, ask questions, or just simply say you were here.  I love meeting new friends and look forward to navigating together this thing called life.