Pay It Forward

pay it forward

Blessed To Be A Blessing

Proverbs 11:24-25 – “One gives freely, yet grows all the richer…Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered.” In other words, pay it forward and you will be blessed even more.

Yesterday, I had the cutest thing happen to me. I was standing in the cheese aisle at the grocery store when a man came up to me with his phone in hand and in a strong African country accent, he asked me if I could help. He showed me a text message from his friend that listed the ingredients for what I think was Chicken Spaghetti. It said, “Big can of cream of chicken, a can of rotel, chicken, shredded cheese and Velveeta.” Must have been a man writing…

His wife was standing next to him with their buggy that held 3 pkgs of spaghetti noodles. His question was what kind of cheese to get.

By the time it was said and done, I had to tell them how to cook it from start to finish. I explained what temperature for the oven, how long to cook it, what Rotel tomatoes were and where to find them, what Velveeta was, etc. They thanked me profusely and went to find the Rotel. As I approached the self-check out, there they were checking out with all the ingredients. I asked where they were from and she proudly answered, “We are from Nigeria.” I loved on them, told them welcome to our country, and God bless you!! They just smiled and thanked me again, saying God bless you, too!

Shopping in a foreign country

I remember what it feels like to be in a strange country. You can’t recognize food products. The labels are in another language and you have to depend on the picture to tell you what something is.  Here was an opportunity to pass on all the help I’ve received over the years from total strangers. And you know what? It made me feel all gooey inside to be nice and helpful. I have to remember that sometimes! God has blessed my life so abundantly. I can take what I have received and pay it forward. As I do, God blesses me more and I am sufficiently watered.  Blessed to be a blessing. You just can’t out give God!

So go out into your world today and pay those blessings forward!

A Great Reason To Appreciate Inconvenience

Inconvenient blessings from God

When something happens that annoys you, are you quick to grumble and complain? Here is a great reason to appreciate inconvenience in your life.

I am learning that sometimes, blessings come in inconvenient ways. When things seem to go awry, I almost immediately begin to gripe and wonder why this is happening to me. I recently learned that it could be God trying to bless us. Case in point is something that happened to us this week.

We ordered an RV washer/dryer set from Camping World. We had to pay $150 shipping for the washer because of its weight, but it was to be delivered directly to our door. The dryer was to come UPS ground to our door. Long story short…because our driveway is narrow and isn’t concrete, the semi would have to drop the washer at the gate for us to load and bring to the house or we could pick it up from their facility. Because of rainy weather, we chose to pick it up resulting in an hour+ round trip. Inconvenient, right? But then a few days later, the dryer shows up at the same freight line, so now we have to pick up the dryer, too.

I wrote the company explaining the issue. I figured we’d get a semi (no pun intended)-apology and “please try us again” letter, but they just wrote back with a very nice apology saying the $150 will be fully refunded. Even though the refund came because of our inconvenience, it brought our total cost down considerably. Blessing from God! Woohoo!

So, if you need a great way to appreciate inconvenience in your life, just stop and remember, don’t grumble and complain. It might be God trying to bless you.

How to Run From Life’s Temptations

“How useless to spread a net in full view of all the birds!
Proverbs 1:17

Sometimes, birds can be smarter than people. If they sense danger, they quickly fly away. They don’t wait around to be caught in a trap. People aren’t always that smart and so they fall into dangerous situations everyday. These traps can be as seemingly harmless as a student joining in to make fun of another student, or even more sinister when someone is lured out of their marriage into a relationship with someone cheating on their own spouse, but then is shocked when this same person cheats on them. Many temptations or traps are being set right before our eyes, but if we pay attention and discern who is involved, we can avoid falling into them.

An ancient father named Solomon was teaching his son about the evil trappings of life. Recorded in Proverbs 1:8-19, he explains how bad people will entice you to join in their activity by saying, “Come join us. We’re going to lie in wait for some innocent person to come along and then rob them. If you help us, we will share the loot with you.” Solomon told his son not to be lured into this. Falling in with them even when you can see who and what they are would be as foolish as a bird that sees a net being spread right in front of it, but flies into the trap anyway. Birds are too smart for that. They recognize the danger.

Recognizing that if these people hurt others, you can be assured when the opportunity arises that they won’t hesitate to hurt you.

When you see a dangerous trap being spread out before you, take a moment to discern the situation and then run! Be like the birds and quickly fly away.

Confident Faith

Are you in the habit of praising God only after you see your prayer answered? True faith demands we praise him before we see, confidently believing if we ask, he hears, and if he hears, he answers!

I saw this little poem in my devotional, Streams In The Desert –

“Passive faith praises in the light, when sun does shine.
Active faith will praise in darkest night –
which faith is thine?”

Confident faith knows it may be taking some time for everything to fall into place, but the answer will be revealed in his perfect timing. Begin today to praise him in the darkness of your need with full assurance that he has already answered your prayer.