The Three Biggest Temptations, Part 1

Wilderness temptations

Wilderness Experience

We all want to do great things for God. As Christians, our deepest desire should be to tell others about Him, to reach those who don’t yet know Him as Lord and Savior. But before God can fully trust us with this task, we must be tested. Jesus came to earth to accomplish the greatest mission in history; he came to die so we could inherit heaven, but even the Son of God had to be tested. In this 3-part series, I will describe the 3 biggest temptations used by the devil to knock us off our mission. Drawing wisdom from Matthew 4:1-11, we can learn from Jesus’ own wilderness experience.

Adam Failed His Test

To understand Matthew 4, we must travel back to Genesis 2 where God gave the first man, Adam, his mission.

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Life’s Advertisement

What Are You Selling?

I saw this statement written by John Piper about what we value

“All of life is worship. Whether you worship God or something else,
your life advertises what you value most.”

Everyone has something they value above all else. It might be a successful career or material things such as a big house, nice car, name-brand clothes, or having successful friends. Others may value their family more than taking a job that would keep them away from home. Still others place value on heavenly objects such as the sun and moon or on the God who created them. The point is we all value something more than anything else.

Value Equals Worship

I thought about my life and what it is that I hold dear. I value my relationship with God, but also my husband and family. I’m grateful for my home and my possessions and quite honestly, I really love my life, but where do others see me spending my time, money, and effort because that is the tell-all of what we truly worship.

If someone were to describe me like an advertisement, what would they say I was selling? Are there certain catch phrases I repeat to persuade viewers? Do I put my money where my mouth is? Do I leave them with a positive or negative impression? Am I promoting God as the most important thing in my life or is it worldly possessions or family? I want them to see that my heart is deeply and madly in love with God.

Is He Worthy Of My Worship?

That leads me to my final thought to consider. If God is what I value and worship most, do I advertise Him as being worthy of it? He has brought so many wonderful things into my life, but am I faithful in telling others what He has done? I want to make sure they see Him as the Creator and loving Father, redeeming Savior, Comforter, and Guide, who is indeed worthy of our worship.

Whether we’re aware of it or not, the world watches and listens to Christians. Because we profess to worship God above all else, we are in essence “selling” who He is by what we say and do in response to everyday situations and interactions with others. I shouldn’t be advertising materialism or success that never completely satisfies the soul. I worship a Heavenly Father, who is caring, forgiving, slow to anger, and rich in love, who will meet every need and give us peace and joy even in the midst of trials.

We Are God’s Mouthpiece

“…we are Christ’s ambassadors; God is making his appeal through us.
We speak for Christ when we plead, “Come back to God!”
2 Corinthians 5:20

I’m going to pay closer attention to how I advertise what I value most. My greatest desire is to represent God well, convincing others that only He is worthy of worship!

Is Christ’s Body Missing Parts?

Spiritual Gifts
Disclaimer: This post is about my personal journey to live out a spine-tingling spiritual life. I’ve diligently searched scripture regarding spiritual gifts. I’ve made a determination of belief based on what was written in the Bible and not on what is or is not happening in our world today. 

Cessation vs Continuation

Depending on what church you attend probably determines your belief about spiritual gifts. If you attend a cessation church, you might believe that some, if not all spiritual gifts have ceased. You would say that tongues, healings, and miracles were for the establishment of the early church and are no longer needed. However, if you attend a continuation church, you most likely believe all the gifts are active, desperately needed, and still given by the Holy Spirit to the body of Christ.

Now, I’m a bit more complicated.

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The Lost Art of Gathering

The lost art of gathering. Rediscover the benefits of being together

Rediscover The Benefits of Being Together.

Remember back when churches regularly planned a gathering to have “dinner on the grounds?” I remember as a kid seeing long tables filled with what seemed like delicacies to my young appetite. It was amazing how much food came in as one lady after another brought in her dish. Before long, every table was full. Boy, those were the good ole’ days!

Smaller Porches.

Have you noticed that porches have gotten smaller? Why is that? Could it be that the porch is no longer needed to welcome neighbors passing by or for families and friends to gather? Houses had wrap-around porches filled with chairs and swings. Now, they consist of a square piece of concrete with barely enough space for a potted plant. Meaningful gatherings are becoming things of the past.

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