How To Stop Trying To Fix Things You Can’t Fix

Stop trying to fix things you can't fix

Are you a fixer?

Well, I’ve got good news. You can learn how to stop trying to fix things you can’t fix and trust God. I know this is a hard thing for you to accept, but you can sit still and not feel responsible for the world’s problems. Truth is, we can’t fix the human kind of problems or the people in our lives that we love and care about. So why do we continue to try? It only frustrates us and most likely, frustrates the people we are trying to fix because maybe they aren’t ready to be fixed yet.

I get it! Your life is filled to the brim with people who need help. Most of the time, my life is overflowing with the needs of others. It’s not just personal family circumstances or friends that I interact with on a daily basis. The world around me is full of problems. There’s the newsfeeds that constantly scroll across Facebook and the stories on the 10:00 news. Let’s face it. This world’s in trouble and if you’re a fixer like me, you carry that huge weight on your shoulders. You feel like something terrible will happen if you don’t fix everyone and everything like yesterday! But it won’t because ultimately it isn’t up to you. It’s up to them and God and only He knows how to fix everyone and everything!

Learning how to sit still and trust God.

In one of my devotional readings yesterday, it talked about drawing strength from the Lord to live life. It outlined how He gives us strength to go on in the drudgery of life, how to go up when climbing a high road of difficulty, and how to go down after being on the mountaintop with God. But the one that grabbed my heart was this:

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One Way To Achieve Perfection

one way to achieve perfection

I Am Perfect!

Have you achieved perfection? Can you say this with me? I…Am…Perfect!

Something just goes in sideways, doesn’t it? If you want to know what true perfection is and how to achieve it, then here’s how.

First, let’s define true perfection. We have been bombarded for so long by the world’s idea of perfect that we seriously can’t bring ourselves to even think we could be. I recently taught at a Women’s Conference about the struggle we have trying to measure up to the world’s definition of perfection. I showed them a poster of an ad for a major retailer with a tall, beautifully tanned young woman in a tight-fitting black dress. She had long, flowing wavy hair. Her eyes were gorgeous and her face flawless. Her skin was smooth and without blemish and even her feet in little strappy sandals looked perfect! I asked the question,

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