God Will Provide

Placing God’s Promises On The Altar.

Have you ever read about the promises of God found in His word and wondered if God would bring them to pass in your life? Promises like Matthew 6:33, where God tells us if we seek His kingdom and righteousness first, then all of our needs will be met. One of my favorites is from Isaiah 54:13, “All my children will be taught by the Lord and great will be my children’s peace.”

I worry about my family. Doesn’t every mother? When they were born, I checked to make sure they had all 10 fingers and toes. As they went off to school, I worried they would get hurt or sick. I truly thought that once they were grown, my worries would cease, but I find myself 39 years later still worrying, not just about 3 adult kids, but also their spouses, 8 grandchildren, and 1 great grandson. I still worry about their health, but now I’ve taken on their spiritual conditions, financial needs, their marriages, and about a million other things.

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As for ME, I will serve the Lord!

Trusting God With Our Kids

There once was a time when I declared over my family what was written in the book of Joshua. This scene from scripture finds the people of Israel rescued from Egyptian slavery and now in the land God had shown them. With God on their side and Joshua leading, they had arrived at the moment when God was about to fulfill his promise of giving them a good land flowing with milk and honey. Together, they had fought many battles, but even though God had given them great victories, Joshua witnessed Israel turn away from God and begin to worship idols from other nations.  In his final speech as he was facing the end of his life, he challenged them to choose whether they would serve God or the gods of the heathen nations. He tells them to make their choice and then boldly declares, “But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord (Joshua 24:15).”

I grabbed hold of that statement back when my children were little and I was their spiritual protector. No demon from hell was going to get in the way of our faith in God.

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We’re Going To Drown!

Finding Your Faith In The Storm.

Wow, have you ever been in a situation where everything looked hopeless? No matter how hard you worked, no matter what you tried, you still felt like you were drowning in a sea of impossibility. I believe the New Testament disciples felt this way on numerous occasions. Like the time Jesus told them to feed over 5000 people in the middle of a desert. I was once responsible for feeding up to 100 people every Sunday for lunch and I can tell you, it is stressful!  Do I have enough food? What if we have a bunch of visitors? What if everyone gets food poisoning? I can’t even fathom being asked to feed thousands!

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Southern Hospitality From The North

Learning to discover and use your giftings

Discovering and Using Your Giftings

This article really isn’t about hospitality. It’s about learning. It’s about using your giftings to bless people. Do you know how you’re good at, or more importantly, what you’re passionate about? If not, I suggest you talk to someone who knows you really well and ask them what they see as your talents and abilities.

Smiles and Stresses

What makes you smile? What stresses you to the max? Here is an example. I was told I needed to “do my time” in Children’s Church. I stressed out every service. Those precious children were safer and happier when I missed church.

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You’re Going To Be Okay!

Getting Through the Hard Times

Life can really stick it to you sometimes, can’t it?  You’re going along fine and then all of a sudden, wham! Something happens that literally shakes you to the core.  You feel like someone just hit you with a hammer.  You can’t breathe. You can’t sleep.  You can’t fix it!

Now that we both recognize your dilemma is awful, please let me help you take a step back and find a way through this.  Hold on, help is available. There is hope!

One day not too many years ago, my life was ordered, predictable, and pretty much normal.  I knew what I needed to do every day.  My bills were paid on time.  I was healthy and happy as best I could tell.  Then in the blink of an eye, I was divorced at the ripe old age of 52.

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